Coffrin Jeweler's Holiday Bash

It's for the Kids!

I have a special offer for the community.... In business this goes against all my better judgements but i don't choose to just make money I want to live! I also want others to live! Personally, I am super fortunate as others are not! So this year I will be donating my personal Rolex serviced & appraised in house at my store Coffrin Jewelers . Coffrin Jewelers has teamed up with the Pediatrics wing of Sarasota Memorial Hospital to help the kids! We will be giving away this Rolex at our annual putt putt Golf Tournament held every year at Coffrin Jewelers December 9th 4pm to 9pm! This year we will be teaming up with The Serving Spoon next door! We are offering two events at this year's customer appreciation party! Serving Spoon will be hosting the putt putt golf tournament for my Rolex ! They will have selected H' Orderves, drinks with and without alcohol , DJ !

Coffrin Jewelers will be hosting the ( To Be Announced) other event that we also hosting the same night for the Breast Cancer wing of Sarasota Memorial hospital ! WE will also have drinks H'orderves live music Pacific Rim sushi and of course our famous diamond jewelry line from Jyes Jewelry out of California! 

Party Details:

Free Valet Parking
Free food and drinks 
Putt putt your way to a rolex or sapphire pendant 
20$  - 1 shot 
100$ for 6 shots 
No one can enter after 8pm the play off bracket starts 
People in playoffs get one buy back for 100 for 1 shot 
Proceeds fpr Rolex are for Childrens Pediatrics Wing of SMH
Proceeds for Dia Sapphire Pendant goes to Breast Cancer research wing of SMH 
Party is from 4pm - 9pm gift bags will be given out as you leave !



We will have a tent out to join Coffrin Jewelers & Serving Spoon together for rain and social distancing purposes if you choose!
Mask are not required but if you choose to wear one we can't see your amazing smile ! 

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